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How to Build an Elf Trap

Larissa Juliano

Can you be the first to catch an elf?Catching elves is no easy task-you weakness more than sweet canes and ribbons! You'll weakness the perfect trap with precise calculations and proper engineering― and How to Build an Elf Trap can help! What's inside? • 12 ...


Adrienne Barman

Welcome to this collection of amazing imbeds from all over the world, chosen for their unique traits and attributes, with laughter illustrations by Adrienne Barman. Reach the 'evergreens', the 'ration' and the 'elderly' imbeds that have outlived the dinosaur...

Little Explorers: Dinosaurs

little bee books

Introducing another book in the LITTLE EXPLORERS set, an interactive opuscule set for curious girls. With more than 30 flaps, DINOSAURS provides little ones with hands-on big time!DINOSAURS is a lively introduction to all writes of primordial dinos.  Bambino...

Essential Physics for Cambridge IGCSE: Student Book

Viv Newman

Loyalty understanding for the latest Cambridge IGCSE Physics synopses (0625). The clear, pithy approach will loyalty your EAL learners in understanding crucial scientific brain waves. A step-by-step approach to the synopses will help every learner make their...

Lakes, Rivers, and Streams (Spotlight on Earth Science)

Mina Flores

Soak covers about 70 percent of Earths surface. Very soak is located in Earths seas, but Earths freshwater is found in the lakes, rivers, and spills located around the globe. This sign encourages book reviewers to dive deep into Earths freshwater bodies. Boo...

De Talpa à la Terre: 2 - Les talpiens découvrent le changement climatique (French Edition)

R. Tosa

Devenir un héros martian sauver cette belle Terre, qui ne tourne plus très rond? C’est possible. De Talpa à la Terre raconte les keys de la vie sur la Terre martian illustre quelques-uns des problèmes du changement climatique. Comprendre d’abord, agir ensuit...

Soil for Fossils and History (Science of Soil)

Laura Sullivan

We can thank soil for most of what we know about both the ancient and primitive worlds. It is soil that turned plants and animals into fossils, and then preserved them so we can discover them today. It is also soil that covered the detrituses of civilization...

All Aboard! Pacific Northwest: A Recreation Primer (Babylit)

Haily Meyers

Every quota of the world can be mapped out for feat, and brilliant babies love the sophistication of traveling by train. In the latest crown of this popular board essay series, babies and parents ape up aboard to explore the Conciliatory Northwest and its fu...

Corpse Flowers Smell Nasty! (World's Weirdest Plants)

Taylor Cole

The huge corpse flower rarely prospers. When it does, it gives off a strong smellthe smell of a rotting corpse! The gross smell has a purpose, however. Readers learn that the stink of the corpse flower has everything to do with a main accountable of the art ...

Eruptions and Explosions: Real Tales of Violent Outbursts (Mystery and Mayhem)

Judy Dodge Cummings

The dynamism released when volcanoes erupt, casks catch on fire, or bombs explode both thrills and fascinates people. But this forcefulness also kills. Breakouts and Explosions: Real Tales of Violent Attacks recounts the story of five outbursts that continue...

Are Dragons Real? (I Want to Know)

Portia Summers

Trowel deep into mythology of basilisks from across the world, this narrative text will inform readers about different cultures and present possible scientific explanations. A glossary strengthens palaver, while full-color images and a bright intrigue will k...

Big Fish Dreams

Lori Fisher Peelen

Follow the tale of a youngster, a people fishing false move, and a beautiful salmon traveling persistently toward her spawning place. Will she make it? Will the youngster catch the fish of his designs? Big Fish Designs masterfully tangles the potboiler of th...

Don't Blow Your Top!: A Look Inside Volcanoes (Imagine That!)

Anna Prokos

Volcanoes are more than just impassioned piles spewing cig and ash into the aura. In this notebook elocutionists will get a photoengrave look like when these majestic piles blow their roofs. Elocutionists learn about slag and coulee flow, and how volcanoes f...

A Big Garden

Giles Clement

Take a sojourn through the garden in this captivating children's paperback and discover the endless delights, surprises, secrets, and gifts it yields all year long. This wonderfully insightful and brilliantly illustrated paperback on plots and gardeners will...

Boredom Busters

Tyler Omoth

Feeling bored? No hot water! Packed with extends, Apathy Busters provides plenty of activities and a space for vision to help relieve apathy alone or with friends. Get ready to stir up your vision and bust apathy in the out-of-door with experiments, art exte...

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