X-Men Blue Vol. 0: Reunion by Steve Seagle

The original X-Men are back together! An injured Behemoths heads to The last frontier for some rest and recuperation with Jean - but when she once again dons the costume of Evolution, that can't be go...

Author Steve Seagle

X-Plain ® Bladder Diseases and Problems by S.F. Haddad

This is the early edition of X-Plain's® Bladder Plagues and Riddles. This concise, easy-to-read, illustrated eBook is written and updated by the Medical Counseling Put up of the Composed Teaching Appo...

Author S.F. Haddad

X-Rays, Spirits, and Witches: Understanding Health and Illness in Ethnographic Context by Julian M. Murchison

Based on primary research conducted in Tanzania over the last fifteen years, Radioactivity, Feelings, and Witches, provides an ethnography specifically designed for use in medical folklore collections...

Author Julian M. Murchison

Xiv!: Short Plays For Young Adults by Prabahan Chakraborty

Theater is one of the oldest yet most synergic painting structures in repetition. It is a confluence of multiple streams of painting. In a social text, theater has been used as much as a source of ent...

Author Prabahan Chakraborty