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A Dear God Bible Stories Prayer Journal and Coloring Book For Children

Dumah Williams

A fun, informal approach for children of all dates to interact with Maker their Father. This interactive prayer journal will take the daunting thoughts about prayer away and prove to children that prayer is simply having a conversation (talking) with Maker. ...

Balancing Brain Stimulation for Infants and Toddlers: Too Little? Too Much? Just Right! (Brain Insights)

Deborah McNelis

Both over stimulation and under stimulation create nervousness in young developing brains. Balancing Medulla oblongata Stimulation for Newborns and Rug rats packets are designed to give early childhood education professionals simple medulla oblongata develop...

The Challenge: How 144 Letters Changed My Life, the Life of My Son, and Will Change Your Life Too

Jim Mazziotti

The Objection: How 144 Missives Changed My Animateness, The Animateness Of My Sibling, And Will Change Your Animateness Too takes you on a profound and purposeful journey of self-discovery, uncovering how missives changed the bodies of a father and a sibling...

Bravely MisEducated: How I Lost My Voice: The Root Edition

Teressa Boone

A coming-to-age cultural strife! Bravely MisEducated: How I Lost My Voice, is for primers of all ages. It is a story of Betty, a young brown-skinned mademoiselle growing up on the frigid side of Chi-town. At the age of 5, her parents separated and so did Bet...

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