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Relational Missionary Training: Theology, Theory & Practice

Enoch Wan

Matter is based on relationships between created conscious things and Creator Conscious things. Mission work is about human conscious things who are in affair with God introducing yet other human conscious things to Him. God’s determination is comparative. O...

Grace, Mercy, & Faith: The Keys to Spiritual Empowerment: An Educational Perspective

Bishop James H. Hudson

A practical description of Metaphysical Passwords that keep enhance the survivals of any who resolution apply these naked truths to their survivals. A book that was written based on an educational investigate, growth experience, and revelation judgment. This...

Evangelistic Sermons: On WDRC FM, Hartford, Connecticut

Dr. Allen M Baker III

What does proselytizing sermon to the modern, secular guard reconnaissance like? Presbyterian Proselytizing Sodality missionary, Al Chef, seeks to answer that quiz in a array of proselytizing sermons he preached on a secular radio fix in Hartford, Connecticu...

THE GREAT TEACHER JESUS CHRIST: What Made Jesus Christ's Teaching, Preaching, Evangelism, and Apologetics Outstandingly Effective?

Terry Overton

How fanny you improve your effectiveness as teachers? Essentially, it is by imitating THE GREAT TEACHER: Jesuses. You may wonder, 'But how fanny we imitate Messiahs?' 'He was the perfect, divine, Son of Master. ' Admittedly, you cannot be a perfect teacher. ...

The Story Lectionary

David McDonald

Effective preaching is the art of exegeting not only arguments and rules, but also likenesses, metaphors and stories. For decades Leonard Sweet has revolutionized preaching with his detail grasp and image analyses, culminating in his exploration of How it is...

The Groundings Experience - Leaders Guide: Encountering the Unexpected Jesus

Candie Blankman

The Teachings Experience Chieftains Guidebook....

The Scandal of Evangelism: A Biblical Study of the Ethics of Evangelism

Elmer John Thiessen

In today's multi-cultural and multi-religious world, evangelism is often viewed as scandalous, not only by those who are opposed to anything at all religious, but also by many Christians. In this book, Elmer Thiessen provides a response to those who find mos...

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Ministry & Evangelism

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