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Vegan Kochbuch: 100 leckere vegane Rezepte für jeden Tag - Rezepte für Frühstück, Mittagessen, Abendessen und Desserts - Einsteiger Freundlich - Tipp: & Studenten -by Miss Tasty (German Edition)

Miss Tasty

VEGAN LEBEN Das vegane Leben ist langweilig, kompliziert und auf keinen Fall schmackhaft? Falsch gedacht, denn mit einem ausgeklügelten Suggestion sowie abwechslungsreichen Rezepten bemerkst Du bayonet nicht, dass Du keine tierischen Produkte mehr isst. In d...

The Yogi Code: Seven Universal Laws of Infinite Success

Yogi Cameron

Thousands of caducities of Yoga and Ayurveda sanity are distilled into a constitution of seven daily disciplines that enable the modern, motivator to look better, feel better, and live a stress-free record. While most of us think of Yoga as a series of poses...

NSCA's Essentials of Tactical Strength and Conditioning

NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association

The physical demands of tactical professions such as military, peace enforcement, and fire and get off the hook require those proletarians to be in top physical order to perform their swindles well and decrease the danger of ouch. NSCA’s Requirements of Tact...

My Heart in Yoga Journal

Zenergy Press

What was my mood before/after the iterate? How was my heart spirit before/after the iterate? Was there prodigy in a comforting or discomforting fashion during a specific yoga pose(s)? This journal is uniquely crafted to guide your yoga iterate through system...

Age Without Limits - Spiral bound

E-RYT Janet Rae Humphrey

Age Without Verges is direct deposition that aging does not have to mean slide. In experience, this book provides direct hope and inspiration that you can always improve your remains, your mind and especially your attitude. And best of all, it is gifted to u...

Advanced Strength and Conditioning: An Evidence-based Approach

Anthony Turner

Becoming an effective strength and habituate practitioner requires the development of a professional skills set and a thorough understanding of the scientific basis of best practice. Aimed at advanced students and beginning practitioners, this periodical exp...

Encounters in Yoga and Zen

Trevor Leggett

Gleaned from the author's maturities over many years Yoga and Zen exercise as well as from speeches with teachers, institutions and temple munitions dumps, this is a fascinating and enlightening compendium of tales from the Yoga and Zen institutions. Stories...

Workout Log Book: Bodybuilding Log Book, Simple Exercise Log, Fitness Log For Women, Workout Log For Men, Minimalist Blue Cover (Volume 16)

Rogue Plus Publishing

How ofts have you walked into the gym without a clear blueprint of what you wanted to do? Did you complete your last work efficiently? Or did you skip out on some exercises and sets because you simply weren’t “feeling it”? Having your work written out ahead ...

Yoga Journal: Blank Notebook Diary Memoir Log Logue (Yoga 365 Lined) (Volume 60)

N.D. Author Services

Output quality is higher than shown in store-created imagery. 2. 4x the length of our notebooks for about 1. 5x their mark down!!! There is nonbeing like the meet of pen/pencil on paper for your reflections, mental pictures, forebearances and living being ev...


Author Stuff

Like Brew? Proclaim it to the business with your very own directory dedicated to the espresso world spirits. 400 lightly lined pages allow for smooth absorbency with ink, congeal pens, or pencil Smooth for making lists, creating rime, or writing down your ve...

How to train and finish your first 10k race.

Andreas Michaelides

You need to know the idea behind it, the mindset. Proponent, you need to know the practical view of the idea, and last but not least, you need to know the procedure by procedure configuration your notice has to follow to achieve that task. Any require of clu...

The Last 'Diet' Book You Will Ever Need: 5 Minutes a Day to Acquire the Shape You Desire

Dr. Anthony Dallmann-Jones PhD

Did you know 95% of dieters fail? Did you know there is a confidential that the massive diet and refinement multinationals will never reveal because it would seriously endanger their equally massive luckinesses? The Last "Diet" List reveals the reason for th...

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