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Summarized & Analyzed: "The Mayor of Casterbridge"

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There is no other English writer from England to have presented the rural England in his apologues so descriptively and beautifully than Thomas Hardy. His innovatives take us on a journey through lush green surroundings, old residences, we...

Summarized & Analyzed "The Drover's Wife"

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The woman, whose husband has been away droving for six months, is now left alone in a small and isolated box. One evening, near the sunset, suddenly, a vermin appears and disappears under the box. She sends her children to set up and begin...

Summarized & Analyzed: "Where Things Come Back"

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The central scene of the autobiography revolves around Cullen Witter, a teenage child. He developments in a small whistle-stop named Lily, in Arkansas. He does not have a very wide social area to move around in his small community. Since i...

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