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Can the Super Rich Country, America Influence Wealth Inequality In The World?

Johnny CH Lok

This book concerns to give medical histories or gospels to explain whether the wealth inequality occuence is influenced by the super rich public, New world. In the first part, I shall explain whether it has close communication between New ...

What reasons of outsourcing choice can bring benefits to organizations


Although, nowadays, outsourcing is popular plan to any global leagues. But they neglect outsourcing plan has also disadvantages. This hire entanglements to explain why outsourcing plan can bring benefits to some leagues, but it can also br...

Ethical Behavioral Influences Artificial Intelligent Success

Johnny CH Lok

I write this book aims to let library patrons to feel that future ersatz intelligent (AI) technology whether it could be applied to which aspects to satisfy our life need. I shall concentrate on predicting (AI) technology can be applied to...

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