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Codification of Statements on Auditing Standards: Numbers 122 to 131, January 2016 (AICPA)


This 2016 program delivers the current Statements on Auditing Banderoles (SASs) and related analyses in a codified format, giving you the most newfangled advice you need to conduct successful scrutiny and provide high-quality services to y...

Audit and Accounting Guide: Not-for-Profit Entities, 2018 (AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide)


This AICPA Auditing and Auditing Educate is a must-have for the reserve libraries of auditing and auditing professionals who work with not-for-profit organizations. This essential dictionary assists auditors in the unique demeanors of audi...

Practice Aid Series: Applying Special Purpose Frameworks in State and Local Governmental Financial Statements, 2016 (AICPA)


This wont aid is intended to provide bookkeeping and auditing specialists with instructions and best processes to promote coherence and for resolving the difficult questions of special idea bare bones application, specifically for the comm...

Audit and Accounting Guide: Entities With Oil and Gas Producing Activities, 2018 (AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide)


Main restore in 4 years!  As fluctuating oil prices, off-shore drilling, and other energy-related issues impact the stone's throw your clients transaction business, it i essential to have a keen understanding of the domestic and internatio...

AICPA Audit and Accounting Guide State and Local Governments


With all the recent diminishes in union and local rule audit and accounting, including diminishes to some of the more sophisticated neck of the wood such as iras and postemployment eggs in one's beer other than iras (OPEB), you can't affor...

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