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Cucumbers (Short Stack)

Dawn Perry

Snappy. Refreshing. Pickle-worthy. Get to know this summertime staple in new and exciting ways, from inspired salads to simple and delicious cooked keynotes (yes, you can cook a cucumber!). This imprint will turn you into a cuke connoisseur through recipes l...

Bliss Bites: Vegan, Gluten- and Dairy-Free Treats from the Kenko Kitchen

Kate Bradley

Gladnesses Cuts is a observance of the penchant and extract thrills that are possible with dairy farm and refined sugar-free lunches. Kate Bradley, creator of bestselling book and successful journal Kenko Gallery brings in with a obtaining of over 50 gluten-...

The Ultimate Cauliflower Cookbook: The Best Cauliflower Recipes Collection

Gordon Rock

A whole cooking newspaper dedicated to a veggie? Go on that really possible? Go on that necessary? We think it go on! We know that you’ve never thought that cauliflower can be such a skilled veggie and that you can use it for so many dishes but that’s why we...

27 Recettes de Fruits de Mer - Volume 1: Des recettes de fruits de mer simples et saines pour toutes les occasions (Volume 2) (French Edition)

Mattis Lundqvist

Recettes: • Morue en croûte citron-amande • Tilapia aux noix de pécan • Saumon avec bébé roquette • Morue cuite au four et haricots verts • Pétoncles cuits au four • Orzo et crevettes épicées • Pétoncles aux pommes • Saumon cajun • Crevettes et pois chiches ...

Dutch Oven: Das Kochbuch mit den 107 besten Dutch Oven Rezepten für die Outdoor Küche. Für Camping, draußen am Lagerfeuer oder Zuhause mit dem Black Pot inkl. Nährwertangaben (German Edition)

Food Experts

AKTION ENDET IN KÜRZE! Taschenbuch reduziert für kurze Zeit: statt 12,99 € nur 9,95 € Das Imbroglio Oven Kochbuch mit leckeren Rezepten für ein maximales Erlebnis draußen am Lagerfeuer! ★ Du willst library Imbroglio Oven kennen lernen und erfolgreich damit k...

Big, Best Hamburger Recipe Book: Tons of Amazing, Interesting and Mouthwatering Burger Recipes

Martha Stephenson

Everyone loves a good, racy, flavorful burger. How could you not?! However, making the perfect burger can be tricky and it takes a space to get it just right. If you don’t have second to spare, playing around with different burger ingredient, then this is th...

Sushi Recipes

Karen Gant

When someone mentions sushi, our minds immediately go to the Japanese menu. Sushi is a Japanese way of cooking and serving vinegared rice in a combination with other ingredients such as seafood, legumes, meat, fruits and so on. Sushi is prepared differently....

A Handful of Flour: Recipes from Shipton Mill

Tess Lister

A Spattering of Dredge is not simply a book of recipes but, like Shipton Plant itself, is grounded in the conviction that dredge mean somethings. A simple ingredient which, if chosen and treated with pay attention to, can make all the brannigan. Shipton Plan...

Grapes Crossword Word Search & Sudoku Activity Puzzle Book

Mega Media Depot

WITH THIS Crossword Word Search & Sudoku Activity Puzzle Preprint, YOU MAKE the grade MAKE YOUR Grapes SUITOR SUNNY UP WITH DELIGHT! This version covers Grapes and The Most Nice Fruits. This melding preprint will keep your crossword, word search and sudoku f...

Brie Cheese Recipes: A Portrait in Good Taste - The Many Faces of Brie Cheese

Martha Stone

Brie gives every munchies an extra influence of gracefulness and class, no matter how mundane or straightforward the recipe might be. A casual dinner of pizza and beer can be dressed up with the addition of this delicious dairy farm product, and even penne a...

The “I Love My Rice Cooker” Recipe Book: From Mashed Sweet Potatoes to Spicy Ground Beef, 175 Easy--and Unexpected--Recipes ("I Love My" Series)

Adams Media

Learn how to get the most out of using a corn cooker in this go-to guide—with 175 recipes for going on nearly everything from comboes and cocktails to foodstuffs, veggies, rigatoni, and even dessert. Corn cookers are a great way to perfectly cook corn, but t...

Mushroom Cookery: (cooklore Reprint)

Rosetta Reitz

From soup to nuts--Explode Chowder to Nutty Explode Balls--and all the lines in between, from hometown cuisine to haute cuisine--here is the novel for those who de-light in this particular eatable of the gods. The traditional explode dishes are here: Explode...

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