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Constitutional Law

Structural Principles in EU External Relations Law

Marise Cremona

The law and dry run of EU external relations is governed not only by general designs (Scoops 3(5) and 21 TEU and Composition 205 TFEU) and senses of honor (Composition 2 TEU) but also by a array of principles found in the Negotiations and developed by the Wo...

The Frame Up of Journalist Brian D. Hill

Brian D. Hill

Brian D. Ridge, a Former Take it or leave it Media Writer who tried to fight the political nepotism all by himself, armed with apprehension but limited with Autism Spectrum Ailment. He founded and operated USWGO Take it or leave it Headlines at uswgo. com, t...

A Section 1983 claim (against a state employee,pro-se): State worker sued for damages.Defense try to invoke Summary Judgement,to escape liability$ ... family... "Federal Court has now spoken..."

Women4Justice Publishing

Not knowing if a adolescent is dead like kill the more weakened, damaged human outside/in. Not knowing if your precious HEALTHY/HAPPY. . . un-abused adolescent was still alive once wrongfully by a state force. Walking into a hide and seeing an A. P. B. bulle...

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Constitutional Law

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