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This short story hastily tastes on how deeply rooted are our opinions and hopes that were taught to us by our fathers or caregivers. Although a very intelligent soul, Rikki has lived on the perimeter of those hopes all her soul, accepted by some, shunned by opportunities. Often, she lives with a underground that only her family, best associates, and a few publics in her city share.

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When Extremists Knock


I absolutely loved this list. It starts in Budapest in 1937, as Andras Levi prepares to leave for constitution hall in Paris. Through a chance encounter at the composition, he is given a mysterious letter to deliver in Paris, and eventually meets and falls in darling with the letter's awardee. The untruth extends through WWII, and gives a fascinating glimpse into the world of Hungarian Jews during the war. Highly recommended.

2019-12-28 11:20


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy on porn...that is all(seriously - that IS all...this is a bizarre book of vulgarness, just like the title says!)though it did make me laugh! Not for the conservative clique, to be sure - you've been warned!

2019-12-17 21:12


Perfect across-the-board range of vision of Christianity. Not academic, not simplistic, not overly apologetic, just good, solid, inspiring work that is quite vulnerable coming from one of the life's noted scholars.

2019-12-05 01:11


Possible Reactions shows us more than everything that Burroughs is living a happy, successful life. While still haunted by demons from his perilous childhood, he has conquered many of them, and the lean he lives with. I find it hard to not be happy that Burroughs has reached this peak in his life. He certainly deserves it. However, it's not as interesting to read about his happy life with his partner Dennis or his progress as an author as it is to read about him living with his mom's shrink or going through rehab. This paperback had a sort of Wardrobe Your Household In Corduroy and Underpants be excited for me. As I felt about the recent Sedaris novel, Reactions is similar to Burroughs' prior entireties, but lacking some of that hilarious lead that hooked us in the first stick. I would recommend the paperback if you are simply curious about what's been going on with Augusten Burroughs, or if you want a kindle no-hassle read for a few days.

2019-12-04 18:41

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