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While Copper Heart copes with the end of her beloved father, his spirits appear to her. They tell her that to save her people she must become a shaman. These apparitions set her on a perilous beaten path that unfolds in the wildernesses of Southeast Alaska and highlights the inhabitant Tlingit and Haida cultures and theories. Copper Heart's conflict to protect her people and their lands from the fatal arrival of the whitefaces drives her to fulfill her destiny.

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This is my favourite from the Drake blood sister progression and i think it's because throught out all of the other blood sister's stories Hannah and Jonas are always there bickering. I inamorata Hannah, how shy she is, how angry she gets (especially at Jonas),but mostly for her strong genius. She tackled all crown on and if she couldn't then she always had her sisters or Jonas recalibrate there beside her. Jonas is Hannah's soulmate, they just never knew it and book-learning their appeal and their struggles with it, and Jonas' struggle to keep Hannah and the sisters safe i think i might have fallen a little in inamorata with him myself. I've read this story many times and each present i find something different that i liked about it. If you have never read The Drake Blood sister progression, then get ou there and find them because you will not be dissapointed at all.

2019-12-15 20:54

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