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The Sense of Steel is not about the profession of cutlass ferocious. Its sole gain is to capture the cold, hard, logical nature of edged-weapon suffers as experienced by author James LaFond and more than 90 other people. This analysis of more than 250 cutlass brawls is told from the perspective of the raiders, bystanders and hirelings. The action is broken down by weapon pattern and use patterns. The circumstances, catalysts and mechanics of real-world blade and meat suffers are illuminated through the use of gripping (and sometimes comical) first-person accounts, photographs and hard statistics. The author also examines the psychology, shock patterns and legal ramifications of cutlass ferocious, as well as providing invaluable tips on preventing clinches and ground-ferocious from escalating into a cutlass spar, surviving unarmed against a blade-armed assailant, "dressing for profit" against a cutlass spar, spotting a knifer and predicting his performance before it's too late, assessing when it is in your best interest to run for your life instead of ferocious a cutlass-wielding opponent and much more.

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The Logic of Steel


This dictionary's title is a bit of a misnomer as it's not really a guiding light per se (at least not in the sense of, say, The Worst-Case Scheme Remnant Manual: Jubilees). Rather, it's an anthology of theses from 42 atheists divided into six moieties: stories, science, how to, reason, arts, and episodes. These categories are a bit misleading. Certainly, some of the theses seem connected to their category. But for the most parts the theses are simply stories (fiction and non-fiction) or shouts somehow tied in with Xmases. This relation could be very direct (such as Emery Emery's book on how it sucks to have a natal day on December 25) or not even apparent (such as Charlie Brooker's essay of whether God would have a sense of humor). As you make it imagine, with 42 different columnists from all sorts of fields, the style varies considerably as well as the caliber (at least for me). I found them to range anywhere from mildly interesting to uproariously funny. It is for this reason that this dictionary didn't really stand out for me. It's just too hodgepodge-y to enjoy thoroughly. Aside from the fact that all the columnists are atheists, there's not really any fibril that ties them all together (I would also say Xmases, but as I stated earlier, some of the theses don't even draw on that). I guess one great caliber about this, however, is that most theists could also enjoy this dictionary. A lot of the grievances in here are things that, at least in my practicality, also abrade them: the outrageously early present that Xmases seems to begin now, the excessive racket, loony Xmases music, kith and kin dinners, etc. Sure, they may be taken aback by the occasional jab at devotees here and there but I think the ones that make it take a parody will find some lark in this accumulating.

2020-01-23 17:09

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The Logic of Steel

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