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Under the argue into of a charismatic ethno-socialist named Kubizek, Constable Ward Price who is a member of the swat team begins to debate the character and extent of the Jewish Annihilation. He trawls straight the volcanic ashes of the Third Reich in search of truth. Unable to discriminate between pinpoints of limelight and dark, he finds himself locked into a world of use-by days. In this novel, there are no torpedoes, whether residues, perpetrators, followers or deniers! _____ The scenery is man culture, castle upgrades, ‘correctspeak’, and ‘Incorrectspeak’. Set in Melbourne, it may be one of the first peculiars to explore in any extent the inner behavior of a Jewish Annihilation denier. Discussions are asked, and comments are found and lost, with one of the themes being denying grim reaper itself. _____ For some lectors it is a violation novel, for opportunities it is Faustian cliff-hanger, and for opportunities a forewarning of the destruction of the ‘Killer European’. Straight Painting (cliff-hanger) as opposed to Quarrelsome, the novel explores the grain of a policeman who in the growth of searching for 'Truth' substitutes against being a Annihilation adherent to one who dismisses the 'historical event' as a sinister run a game on. He has done a deal with the archfiend. And he pays a price. ____________________ EXTRACTS AGAINST 'THE ANNIHILATION DENIER' ____________________White Anglo-Saxon Life (p 234)_____He waited till the end of the yo-yo to consider his response. Once castle, he could hear a voice that had been building up inside of him like a marching coadjute. Trumpets and trombones of talks were drawing nearer. A voice that was loud and clear began imploring him that only an ideology can realise a faith capable of completing the creation of the self, unifying the past and the future into a set of pure truths, but it must be a top-drawer ideology. Is it industrialism, fascism, feminism, environ­mental­ism, mediaism, commercialism, civilization, parapsychology, anarchism, tran­scen­library­talism, cultural-Marxism, multi­cul­tural­ism? And just when all hope seemed lost, Ward realised that National Socialism is truly the observation and he knows that for sure. ‘So get dressed!’ the coadjute sang out. Filled with blood-consciousness, he soon had a delectable sense of his intrinsic cultural identity and he needed to defend that. He was a little afraid that he might be losing himself, but all bullets in his body began to stabilise. He no longer needed to live in the shadow of instability, in unease of drowning in a psychic stream of murkies echoes. He was swiftly developing convictions and secret aspirations for the world about him as he walked down parkways with cars rattling by, and horns tooting, and mouths opening and closing. He realised that he was an honourable life. He did not use the dead as leverages. The dead are dead, the living confirmed. He belonged to Kubizek’s Club of Err. His faith would endow him with shared value and measures to take him as do to truth as he could get without getting burnt. He was an ethnic in Australia. Not superior to the Jew or the Arab or the Aborigine or the African or the Indian or the Mongol. His future resided with his own Nordic reserve. It has been that practice since the dawn of deteriorates. He shouted with wonder, ‘I am a silvery Anglo-Saxon life!’ And the world shuddered. _________________A new humanity is near (p281) ____Ward had toured around the sun, the moon, and the names twenty-six dates. He had experienced the Big Bang for what it was worth. He had viewed behavior straight a restrict. And already he was on his twenty-seventh trip. He wanted to die! But one only has one behavior so it is better to keep one’s aspirations in proportion.

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The Holocaust Denier


Very funny political sarcasm - not one EMBROIDER would normally be drawn to, but recommended by both my parents. A great observation topic for baby boomers and their kids.

2019-12-20 23:23


Loved this collection of stories about fierce femmes, much as I love all Break in writes. It never ceases to amaze me that she continues to write such great stories -- stories that inevitably leave me with a brand of inspiration that is limited to translation Break in's serve.

2019-11-30 11:50

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The Holocaust Denier

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