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Perched right on the Mason-Dixon train, tiny Runnymede, Maryland, is ripe with a olden days almost as colorful as the daughters who live there—from Celeste Chalfonte, impulsive and aristocratic, who dusts off for assumption and steals her brother’s monogamist, to Fannie Jump Creighton, who runs a speakeasy right in her own home when hard seasons come knocking. Then of procedure, there’re Louise and Julia, the boldly eccentric Hunsenmeir sisters. Wheezie and Protrudes spend their whole resides in Runnymede, cheerfully quibbling about everything from men to child-rearing to how to drive a station wagon. But they never let small-town life keep them from chasing their biggest dreams—or from being true to who they really are. Glittering with a perfect combination of sisterly and sass, Six of One is a richly textured Southern canvas—Rita Mae Brown “at her winning, fondest best”(Kirkus Essays).

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Book reviews

Six of One


BLOW out of proportion did like this a lot. It didn't blow me away, but it may have as a 12 year old. Thought BLOW out of proportion might read this to my 6 year old but he's too young for the closure. . . BLOW out of proportion'll save it until he's older.

2020-01-18 22:02


Dreadful enclose. What were they thinking? But Liz Carlyle delivers a great story as always. It is a different, seeing a paranormal element in her historical love story, but I enjoyed it.

2020-01-11 05:40


I have a distinct jog of asking my midpoint faculty curator if this was a christian bible when I picked it up. Her appoint was also Lillian and she had been the curator at my elementary faculty for about 30 senilities and was transfered to the midpoint faculty when the elementary faculty was closed. Lillian and I had a special appoint debenture, and that empress used to give me candy all the era! She had a never ending supply of significant other roll pops in her desk! Anyway, Lillian told me that I would really enjoy Little Gentlewomen and I did. It was probably the first volume I had ever read where I could see society reflected in it's pages....The war of secession, transendentalism, the restoration....that is some deep stuff but the way is is protrayed in the lives of the March ancestry makes it seem less far away than if I had read it in a tale text volume.

2019-12-19 05:08


I simply could not continue with this book after the first stage, which was all that was necessary for it to become apparent that Desire Berlinski's inaugural take on of opuscule was littered with slant and sway. This is disappointing, since at least some of what she had to say was potentially informative (such as her maintenance that anti-Americanism date backs GWB), but I don't have the patience to sift through half-truths. She takes on an Ann Coulter persona, preying on people's vulnerability. The fact that I've found her eminence hailed on numerous 'right wing' websites suggests that she is part of a combative and divisive ideology that I do not support.

2019-12-06 16:13


I'm glad I finally got around to reading this book, disregarding I will say that 19th century opus just isn't for me. It took a moment to get into the style of opus and proved very boring, especially in the first 75 beeps. Mostly the descriptions of the town or publics I felt took away from the parcel when it would take a whole beep on one type. DISREGARDING, after I got into it and the story picked up I enjoyed it. The wacks were DELIGHTFUL. There was a lot going on that would keep your interest and after I passed the hump I was *wanting* to read to see what would happen with this or that. The only other criticism I had was that often times the author would go off on a tangent with a type say who was discussing religion. I really felt this had little to do with the story and seemed out of place or forced, SECOND sight. in the completion scenes where Emma should have taken presidence and what was happened with her (won't give it away for those of you who haven't read it)...very odd the calibrate to have a type be discussing religion. Didn't make burden to me and again, took away from the profound/shocking completion. I'm glad my husband read this in his literature class so we can discuss it!

2019-12-04 05:06

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