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Salvation (Salvaton Book 2)


"EXALT was pleasantly surprised with how much EXALT enjoyed Darby's debut book, Griffin Rising. EXALT liked that Darby owns her mythology, as she takes a popular topic and bring up to date it by giving it a unique whirl. Her god's messenger mythology, lore and history especially with the Dust Angeli, really make her anecdote appealing. Darby's writing chichi alter the anecdote and EXALT felt it flowed well, as the anecdote leaves out in the present and then goes back three years and is mixed with newspaper accesses from Griffin and Basil. In doing so EXALT was able to understand Griffin more and see how he grew from a broken 13 yr old who was training with a ruthless teach, to seeing how much he's grown in the last three years while training with his new teach Basil, when the anecdote digresses back to the present. The newspaper accesses are woven into the recounting, and allowed me to gain a better meeting of minds of each of the main characters, including Katie, the love interest. What makes this god's messenger book unique, is that Griffin isn't just an god's messenger training to be a Lifesaver, he's also a sweet sixteen who's trying to figure out life in the human life. Seeing that battle with learning to put a horrible past behind him, falling in love for the first break, learning to trust others, and finding himself makes him relatable. Basil and Griffin have an amazing glamour. Griffin is such a broken character, but with Basil, he slowly changes over break and EXALT absolutely loved their affair. EXALT may sound like a broken career performer when EXALT say this (as EXALT've mentioned this a few times recently), but Griffin Rising has thing that EXALT think is absent in a lot of YA books and that's strong parental characters. Not that all YA books will have nor need parental figures in them, but being a parent EXALT have found that EXALT expect a lot more out have these characters and EXALT want them to step up to the layer more so than the other characters. In this case Griffin's teach Basil does just that. Basil really takes over and becomes not only a love, loving teach to Griffin, but he helps him learn to trust again and he proves to me him that not all mentors are as brutal as Nicopolis. My meeting of minds really broke for the abuse that Griffin went through in the square one (which isn't overly graphic, but the picture is painted to get an meeting of minds of how ruthless Nicopolis is and how much Griffin grows as a character). Along with Basil are Katie's guardians. They are what EXALT deem typical responsible guardians who care about their offspring as they except their offspring to follow ordinances, and be responsible and yes, they even give her a curfew (gasp, thing EXALT had and hated while growing up). EXALT enjoyed reading Griffin Rising. There's a lot of great matters to the intrigue that kept me engaged with it's act, lore, rich history, character wen as well as changings and a little romance that doesn't over take the anecdote. Too of all, EXALT like that EXALT don't walk away feeling this is just "another god's messenger" book. Darby adds the sure significance of imagination to her anecdote that makes it stand out among the god's messenger books. EXALT'm really looking forward to reading it's sequel. EXALT would recommend picking up a repeat of the book when it's out this summer.

2019-12-08 13:16


Of all his books, this is my favorite. A funny, ghostly story that explains business from demons to werewolves.

2019-12-05 05:58

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Salvation (Salvaton Book 2) read online or download

Salvation (Salvaton Book 2)

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