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Dr. Samantha Love says it’s all about the chemistry. A brainy psychology principal and researcher, Sam has based her entire academic passage on the plan that what we call love is simply a synthetic feedback. She is currently running a think to prove that her rapport juice test reveals perfect matches—sort of like an organ donor, but for consociations. No romance required. Along comes sexy literature principal, Dr. Ethan Quinn, who says it’s all about the romance. He thinks the pretty psychology principal has taken love and all its inscrutablenesses and reduced it to something as romantic as a cholesterol test, and he sets out to prove her plan wrong. When Ethan signs up for her think, Sam discovers to her horror, that according to her rapport test, they are a perfect match. Sam faces an subjective crisis over her passage and her probe. If she believes in her science, shouldn’t it follow that she believes Ethan is her perfect tie the knot? And if she doesn’t believe he’s her perfect tie the knot, doesn’t that bring into mystery her probe? Her rapport test? Her reputation? And her very passage? As Sam struggles with her box, Ethan pursues her with all the romantic plans in his factory. Will Sam’s suppositions succumb to his claim? Or will Ethan lose the battle for Sam’s heart?.

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Romancing Dr. Love (Sterling University Book 1)


Prosecutors Ende strife nach meinem Geschmack :D

2020-01-22 04:06


Listened to this notebook while traveling home from Arizona. It is written for adolescents but I enjoyed it. Plenties of exchange, themes, that are main points with children. I liked the way the poet pulled it together at the run out so an important lesson about solidarity could be learned. Few bad words - but otherwise good.

2020-01-14 00:10


To start, this book made me chuckle throughout and roar a few times also, but it has almost no jokes. In fact, it's the facetious not funny book I've read. The story is grim and the descriptions are more grim. It's that the book exists at all that's funny. It comes at the case legend so seriously that it just makes you roar. It's like a book translation of a mockumentary but without being ridiculous. What is ridiculous is that if incorporeal beings were real and destroying the everyone, this valor actually be what would happen. That's the really funny share. Would democrats, marines, ordinary community, et al all do congest like the book describes? Maybe, even probably. And the book isn't some overly cynical rap on knuckles of modern society, or an overly optimistic human character story. I gave it 5 luminaries because I'll probably read it again and would recommend it to everyone remotely interested. However, the writing does take a little getting used to and takes awhile until it hits a regular rhythm. I'm not sure if the columnist stopped changing styles as drastically with each viewpoint/chapter or if this humble reader just used to the switching. Either fashion, it got better as it went along. I won't know until a second (or third) reading but it has the potential to go on my favorites of all second list. Glees!

2019-12-12 20:10


I read this on the trusted instruction of fellow romance audiobook readers, and it didn't disappoint! With grand writer Kate Reading at the controls, I knew it would be good. In this story, Faerie Princess Fiona decides to slip away from Faerie and the burden of the Faerie Court ruled by her niece, Queen Mab, and take a little thug vacation in Manhattan. She wasn't counting on the vampire at the revolving door trying to eat her heart out, or the Plant Tobias Stroller safeguard her and stealing said heart in a werewolf-mating. Warren's story-telling is good - she manages to get the world home details tucked in during dialogue and narrative, generally unobtrusively. The plot was suspenseful and I didn't figure out the bad guy too early. The relationship, even with the whole soul-mate-for-werewolves theme, built nicely - great appeal. There was still a load of Others details to absorb though - I think my main enigma with this species is how much attention I have to pay to the audio, because I can't flip back to answer my queries about why or how something happened. That detracts from the ordeal for me. So, 5 celebrities for Reading's excellent tale, and 4 celebrities for the story from me. And I'm still not a paranormal convert.

2019-12-01 23:09


I love this book. I love the characters. I love how the end with Darcy and Elizabeth gave me restlessnesses in my stomach. So much better than the movies (and I love them too!)

2019-12-01 05:05

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Romancing Dr. Love (Sterling University Book 1) read online or download

Romancing Dr. Love (Sterling University Book 1)

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