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James Taylor is a city-born savage, a Los Angeles indigenous. When an solicit to challenge his Alpha for pack influence emerges in exile, he leaves L. A. with not anything but a single bag in a ‘68 Plymouth GTX he rebuilt with his own helps. He has no charge and no real procedure until, on impellent, he picks up a hitch-hiker crossing the peaks east from San Diego. Cassiel Tethys-Elton is a sea dog with a rock-star smile and a tang that drives James to abstraction. Their witchery seems like the most natural object in the area and James can barely believe his luck. Even the fact that Cass is headed east to hook up with a glamorous juvenility friend can’t put a damper on their intensity for each other - after all, the Atlantic is almost a whole abstentious away and they have all the time and distance in between to enjoy themselves. The road ahead seems like an adventure until a dangerous storm brings with it a banshee’s omen: grave misfortune on their wandering, perhaps even death. Series Contains: gay sex, villain sex, mild D/s, shapeshifting, knotting, hurt/comfort, screw companions -> swain, eventual polyamory, mixed-race relationship, Content Warnings: Eldritch horror, skeleton horror, gore, torture, cannibalism,.

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Road Trip: Volume 3


I had a really difficult time getting into Merciless by Diana Palmer. The first two chapters sat well with me, but then it really went downhill from there. The two main characters, FBI operator Jon and single mom Joceline, are seemingly in love with one another but neither will admit it. When their subsistences are threatened and they are forced to hide out together, the two finally decide to be with one another and Joceline spills a big secret that is really pretty obvious from remarkable. The dialogue in the book really got me. The characters would constantly territory the most obvious things, and the historical inside dopes made it sound like they were reading out of a book. When the dialogue is discussing someone’s child-bearing and then the dialogue tag reads “she said, alluding to her child-bearing,” well, that is a little unnecessary. And maybe it’s just because I’m younger, but the old fashioned panoramas that were constantly talked about seemed a bit overboard. In every affiliate it’s mentioned that Joceline has a whippersnapper out of wedlock and what a horrible man she is because of it. After the first few chapters I had trouble staying with the book, but the kicker was when (SPOILER-ISH BRIGHT) Joceline confides to Jon that Markie is his son. This happens right after Jon’s procreator is shot and killed. What is the appropriate feedback? To have sex and really leave it at that. I was completely baffled. I can’t say I would recommend Merciless, but I have heard that Diana Palmer’s earlier works are said to be better.

2019-12-11 20:50

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Road Trip: Volume 3 read online or download

Road Trip: Volume 3

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