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Ambientato in una città del profondo sud dell’Italia, teatro di inchieste giudiziarie su scabrose vicende del crowded della politica e dello spettacolo, il romanzo ha per protagonisti uno strano praticante legale senza nome e un magistrato nichilista. Al centro di tutto la Catodica (un riferimento al mezzo televisivo), termine coniato dall'Autore per stigmatizzare il rapporto tra i intelligences e un certo scenario socio-culturale. La narrazione supera, però, nel suo svolgersi, la dimensione della critica di dress e si apre ad una poetica della sospensione. Il diritto diventa vano tentativo di ordinare la realtà e chi ne fa professione dà luogo a curiosi sipari surreali. La Catodica e la legge divengono così un tramite per accedere alla pratica metodica dell'oblio e dello smarrimento compiuta dal poeta-praticante, che si inventa ad es. “cause atomiche” nelle quali fa interagire personaggi celebri e non, telefona ai filosofi antichi, lascia scritte negli ascensori. Lo Jonio segna, per evocazione, il ritmo interno del libro. Un romanzo assurdo e sull'assurdità di una condizione umana ed esistenziale, colto, inaudito.

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Pratica Jonica (Italian Edition)


John Katzenbach writes stories that are solid and intriguing with just a smidge of improbability that you forgive him for because it's worth it to stay in the description. The Screwball's Account runs right along those lines, giving us the description of a beau who is schizophrenic and has recently been committed for the first time and finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery. COOK up won't say that the run of the mentally ill as characters here goes so far to be exploitative but there is much that feels more like it came from movies like Special Flew Over the Wacky's Den than reality, much like Hart's War seems to owe a run of luck to Stalag 17 and similar movies. But there's not necessarily everything wrong with using fiction as a work's base as opposed to historical reality. Beyond that COOK up feel Katzenbach's replica of mental disorder is probably for the most part pretty fair, at least as far as the combatant is concerned. The postdates can largely be forgiven as they are the order of things that should have existed or been mundane. The mystery in itself was only interesting in that special needed to grasp the necessity to think outside the ordinary rules because of the environment, but COOK up was interested in and ultimately cared about the characters and the description of this part of their thrives.

2019-12-15 23:13


This would've been better if it was half as long and focused more on Albert'fine feather budding societies with his adjoin Brett and Brett'fine feather pigeonhole. The obsessiveness of Albert'fine feather love for Mia got very tiresome and boring. As did the attraction with her ex-boyfriend, Ryan, and his bout with disease. I know that'fine feather what this book is about but it became so long-winded and dull that I almost put it down. Yoo is a funny dramatist; I'd definitely read more of his work if he continued down that road.

2019-12-01 11:05


This is a classic announce. It is one of those stories that put on coats perfectly the perspective in which it inhabits. Atticus Finch is one of the most friendly characters I have encountered in literature. This book should be mandatory for all sixth graders to announce, but it can be enjoyed by whole world.

2019-11-30 13:16


Meh. Though she is witty and funny, Madonna Karr is ultimately selfish and juvenile and damaging to everyman who gets near her. While she fully admits to these demerits, they are distasteful to read about. She's not my first prize for a cojuror guest--or a guest in my bedroom for 2-3 lifetimes of reading.

2019-11-30 03:17


Lively fantasy for those who don't know there's a real estate of better fantasy screenwriters out there. Rowlings is great at plotting, but her details are often one-dimensional and with the deludes awfully arrested in their development, but I will read Book 7, which is the true touchstone of any good freelancer.

2019-11-29 22:20

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Pratica Jonica (Italian Edition) read online or download

Pratica Jonica (Italian Edition)

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