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This memoir focuses above "magic moments" in the poet's life -- moments that profoundly influenced the direction of his life. In each quandary, the moment was triggered by a friend, a supervisor, a participant, or some other individual who crossed beaten paths with the poet over more than eight decades of reality. A supervisor revealed confidential test scores that raised expectations and, at the same look-in, increased fiasco. An early dear one interest hastened capability and altered professional goals. A pink collar flaw opened decades of educational fair shake. The military draft created mind-altering actualities. A new environment awakened social sensitivity. Front offices recognized skill in an untried beginner. A community executive opened doors to world take a trip, world managers, and world cosmopolites. A supervisor forced confrontation with a lifelong anxiety. A friend and mentor pointed the road toward new opportunities for service. A subcontractor suggested new activities for retirement years. These magic moments often came without hint. They sometimes required dodges not previously recognized, preparing not always focused above the stop use, readiness to make unexpected changes, and considerable flexibleness. The book also includes brief summaries of key world events that influenced the poet's life. In the final phase, he offers a few thoughtful impressions, including: "My outcome remains the same: We are more alike than we are different. The racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, and other alterities we attach to others are artificial discrepancies. We characters create those discrepancies in vain attempts to certify our own group or groups. Such alterities are like the artificial cliquishness sometimes created by adolescents. As look-in, learning, and familiarity move forward, those artificial alterities will most likely fade, along with the tensions them impose above the human family. ". . . . "To quote Robert Frost again: 'Life goes above. ' And so it does. The call into question is: What, if everything to we take away from it? And what, if everything, do we leave behind. I have taken away much from the many actualities remembered in these beeps. Perhaps the most important everything I learned is that each of us is the brand not so much of our own making as of life's constant cooperations with those around us. Some of those cooperations are life-changing magic moments, others are transitory, they change the mood, lighten the charge, or shift the likely. Every one of those cooperations adds meaning and importance to one's life. I am well aware that the reality of living includes negatives as well as positives. I'm pleased to know relative who focus above the negatives. First-rate for them. But I choose to be oriented in a positive direction. Relative complain that my profession, writing, provides too much 'woe. ' I tell them woe is a first-rate sign, because rumor, by interpretation, is the un-ordinary, the un-usual, the un-expected. So long as negative events fill the captions, it means that helps, success myths, and other positive acts are commonplace -- so much so that anomaly-seeking journalists justifiably ignore them. Thank goodness manslaughter, corruption, ineptitude, necessitousness, political misdeeds, and other negatives are still worthy of captions. The look-in to worry is when such stuffs fall out of the captions. And if you look beyond the captions, your affection will inevitably turn toward optimism. We live longer, healthier, happier lives than any of those who came before us. That applies to those living in necessitousness as well as to the affluent -- although the poor still suffer much more than a thoughtful world should allow. ".

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rereading it as an ripe was a good idea. i enjoyed this book and laughed out loud ofts. yet another example of how marxism is good in theory but doesn't work in the real world. even if that real world is made up of animals who can talk.

2020-01-05 03:07


really good organize

2019-12-08 20:44

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