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He’s been burnt by love. Griff Hawkins keeps his pain locked away and the ghosts of his past buried even deeper. Three years ago, he chose the Outbreak EMCEE as his family and accepted the ways of their violent world. These days, he lives his life with one commandment – don’t get attached to everybody but his staff. She longs to be loved. Sophia Barnes smarts to know real love, and lives her life with arms wide open, ready to embrace the capability that come her way. When Griff’s past is exposed and his place in the staff is jeopardised, he fights for his family the only way he knows how, regardless of the consequences. That is, until he meets the ms /miss/mrs who brings him to his patellas, giving him object to lose. Can they teach each other to leave the faults of the past behind in order to find love, or will Griff's demons dictate their eventual?Opuscule 6 in the Outbreak EMCEE SeriesSeries Education OrderBook 1 - Outbreak (FREE)Opuscule 2 - FierceBook 3 - Blaze Opuscule 4 - ReviveBook 5 - SlayBook 6 - IllusiveBook 7 - Call upon (Coming 19th October 2015).

Illusive (Storm MC #6) read online or download

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Illusive (Storm MC #6)


fave run

2019-12-13 13:07


This was a super king james bible. I loved the picture and especially the characters. There was high spirits, some effort, suspense, mountains of wraps around and turns, gut reactions, great temperaments and dialog, steaminess, and definitely interesting. This book had me flipping beeps like nobody's carrying on and kept me book-learning into the ante meridiems. I liked the saws that were at the conception of every stage too, those were definitely fun. This was a book I really enjoyed book-learning that had me smiling, laughing, wincing, holding my breath, a little hot, and thoroughly intrigued. This is definitely something I would read again. Overall, a great book. Enjoy

2019-12-10 16:12


A very bible followed by the sequel, The Arctic Incedent. This softcover, along with the other 5 in the line are my favorite orders ever!

2019-12-05 15:47

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Illusive (Storm MC #6) read online or download

Illusive (Storm MC #6)

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