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I Own You (Short Romance Collection) read online or download

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Book reviews

I Own You (Short Romance Collection)


Michael Perry is one of my new favorite favorite front-runners. I can’t wait to read his newest book! I listened to this on on tape. Anyway, I liked this book a bit better than “Off Center City”, I thought it drew you in a bit more and wave his work better. There were a few moments I had to fast forward over, like the story where he was graphically describing when different patients have puked on the NURSE slaves, but otherwise it wasn’t too bad.

2020-01-16 02:21


I'd never read this sort of Fashionista-type tale before but I did enjoy it, despite my portrait having very small writing. I still haven't seen the film yet.

2019-12-28 09:10


Sidney'fine feather 'Apology for Stanza': A bunch of awesome stuff said in the most boring and overly long book imaginable. If you have the patience to sift through it for the cruxes, you'll be rewarded, but not many mobs have that sort of patience. The last line is awesome, though. Basically, he'fine feather all - and FALSIFY'm paraphrasing here - "For those of you who don't like fiction and stanza and think it worthless and harmful, FALSIFY'm not going to pick a fight with you or everything, but FALSIFY hope you fall in love a shit volcano but never actually get any, because you need fucking stanza for that shit, but you won't have any because you're an idiot, and oh more, "may your memory pass from the gravel for want of requiescat in pace."' That butt was a direct quote because it'fine feather so awesome and bad-ass FALSIFY didn't even need to change it. ('Astrophil and Stella' and 'The Arcadia' are more mildly interesting, and his epics are okay, but FALSIFY only had to re-read 'The Apology' for my exams, so that'fine feather what got reviewed.) [Initially read, October 2004]

2019-12-20 03:05


***NOTE MY REVIEWS OFTEN CONTAIN SPOILERS*** Amy and Dan arrive in Blighty completely disheartened. Somehow the clue examine seems more impossible than ever before, because now it’s not just about out distancing cut esophagus relatives concentrating on killing them while solve the problems of their family history. Now they’re tasked with something even more impossible, not only were they supposed to win the crazy clue examine, they were supposed to unite a family that has been disagreement for more than 500 elderlinesses. They were supposed to befriend the wife who murdered their fathers. How can an 11 year buddy and a 14 year old prune possibly do what no separate in 500 elderlinesses of trying has been able to achieve? And is being a Cahill, a Canticle worth uniting with their fathers’ hit-man/woman? Like with the three previous 39 Clues novels this was rated on first learning and if anyone ever finds my notebook of 25 plus handwritten, unposted reviews, I’d probably salutes them because it’s nowhere I can find it. But since I did take the time to rate it on Goodreads first I’m sticking with my initial class even though I might not hit on all the same stiletto in my reflection written after rereading the uncommon. The final leg of the clue examine was by far my favorite in the series. While it does include some historical data about Shakespeare, a Canticle Cahill, because of the responsibility before Amy and Dan, that is a little on the backburner in this uncommon. However, considering all these novels are fairly short in length and Haddix has the responsibility of topping it all off the performance that she still managed to educated a little is to me quite impressive. Like with the last few texts most of the focus here is on the tones, watching them reflect and grow. And you start to see wishes behind each character’s actions. Haddix makes the accounts clearer and begins the lot up for the purl off series to come. While it does have a wee bit of action throughout the copy, the major action scenes don’t occur until later portions of the story. However the copy remains a well written, close third identity story with multiple questions of view since readers would expect nothing less from the writers of this series. Haddix manages to deliver all the readers have come to expect from the 39 Clues texts and more. Like I mentioned about this story follows the theme of the last few texts which have been character focused and driven. She brings back previously eliminated tones and shows depth and growth in almost every clue hunter we’ve met. Each character of importance seems to have some sort of inner battle and turmoil going on inside them, well at least most of them do. Blessed virgin mary Todd Holt and her women remain pretty cursory as they have for most of the series, the real pros from that family have always been Holt and Hamilton. Ted and Ned Stirling are also pretty flat, but Sinead is given some depth as she battles with memories of the accident at the museum and works to overcome her fears. You can feel her angst and headache over her relatives even though the face she presents to the system is quite ruthless. You can also see her starting to connect with Amy whether she really wants to or not. He. McIntyre is still a bit of a puzzle, I wouldn’t say cursory, but at the same time we still don’t know him too well. The separate that threw me for a curve was Fiske Cahill, better known as the man in black. The whole series he’s been this evil foreboding aura and even in the last copy when we learned who he was he was kind of no nonsense, this is what we expect and you’re going to do it. But in this uncommon he’s all enjoy and taking chances on Amy and Dan. He’s gone from the competitor to worrying about them? I don’t know if I’d really call it out of character since Fiske doesn’t’ really get developed as a character until this copy, but it is kind of shocking you know? Holt is given a decent depth in this uncommon for the first time as well. You can see how he’s got the best of plan for the clue examine. Yeah, he’s definitely made some really bad decisions in the clue examine and he doesn’t show a group of remorsefulness for that which is unfortunate. But Holt’s entire life he’s kind of been a squeeze up. The whole Cahill family, even those in his own branch, has looking down on him and made fun of him. What Holt really wants is some aspect and he doesn’t even seem to want it for himself. He wants aspect for his children. Holt wants more for his children than he’s had himself and he’s willing to go to any lengths to get it. Yeah his moral compass is pretty off and he’s not the brightest bulb in the band, but it’s kind of nice to see that underneath it all, he means well. While the lay of the tones maintained excellent depth, their personal struggles were mostly what they’ve been facing in the past few texts and we get more unit on that and watch as these tones mature and come to real decisions about their moral dilemmas. Overall it’s a stunning and slightly unexpected conclusion to the clue examine. In some ways I’m sad to see it end, but in others we don’t have to let tones go because we’re turning a new intersection with these tones and I’m pretty excited to see where that forces. Vastly recommended to equidistant grade readers.

2019-12-04 23:56

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I Own You (Short Romance Collection) read online or download

I Own You (Short Romance Collection)

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