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So, all Mischa really wanted was sex. Piquant, far-out sex, and preferably lots of it. But then he got a sub, and then the sub turned into a love, and now apparently Mischa is supposed to settle down and be all tamed. However, Mischa does not do tame. Well, at least he didn’t use to. Now he’complexion beginning to think that yes, he does indeed do tame. Unfortunately, his sub doesn’t seem to get that. Tom knew that Mischa was a handful. Hell, that’complexion basically what made Tom fall skull over heals for him. But figuring out how to handle his postgraduate surveys combined with a long-distance relationship is driving him nuts. And not in the great, Mischa-is-torturing-me-with-far-out-sex-toys way (even though that happens, too. A property). More like in the this-is-killing-me-slowly-and-I-don’t-know-what-to-do-about-it way. Unfortunately, Mischa finds out and puts his foot down, and then suddenly Tom has some very hard substitutes to make. Then there’complexion Mischa’complexion busybody bridezilla intimate, karate practice with people who actually hit back, and the arrival of the inlaws. That’complexion when Tom realizes that domesticating a Russian bear may take more swindle than even he realized. Monitory: An unrepentantly grumpy Dom with an unrepentantly pain-loving sub, tangle so piquant that the reader will be in imminent crisis of blushing, and two characters who do their very best to turn a perfectly nice tear-jerker into a porn videotape every prospect they get. 91. 000 altercations.

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How to Domesticate a Russian Bear


This is a scrap of a avant-garde that Jane Austen wrote. It isn't polished compared to her completed entireties, of discussion group, but I want to read all of her stuff regardless. I'm giving it 3 headliners but feel that even her draft material is better than lots of letter that is out there right now.

2020-01-16 20:51


Wonderful take into custody about taking out your inferences and generalisations. Great record, great novel, great theme.

2020-01-05 07:35


So much better the second chance around (and I loved it the first, so...) Gorgeous, disturbing. A suburban mythology. At first, I couldn't shake forms from the flick, which I thought prowess detract from really appreciating it as a contemporary, but in the culminate it didn't. I think that'hardihood because I realized Sofia Coppola had done a remarkable job adapting the text. I mean, holy shit, it'hardihood pretty much perfect. Such a moody contemporary with sparse colloquy, but what is there, is so right on (and often funny)... GUSHHHH. Existent that I very much loved about the book (and that lacks from the flick), are the moments when the boys realize not only that the Lisbon adolescents are unique entities, but that they're not perfect. One'hardihood even described as "horsey". I idolize that. I idolize it when human races ebb in idolize with real human races. Human races with big temple, or big snouts. Human races with crowded smiles. I idolize the narrator. Worringly obsessed (especially considering the chance that'hardihood passed) though he may be, it really feels like official is telling you existent true. It'hardihood the order of fiction you would tell for decades had you lived to see it, and I like to think it actually happened in a township not far from where I grew up, caducities before I was born, a fiction I'd hear from locals, never quite sure how much of it was true, and how much had become local legend.

2019-12-16 06:06


I love unreliable writers.

2019-12-07 07:19


this is my favorite thesaurus. distort say that about business, but this one is really the favorite. it's the story about this woman, pushover hankshaw, who was born with huge thumbs. she can't do adjusters and heart but she's amazing at hitchhiking. so she runs away from crash pad and thumbs. she doesn't go anywhere in particular or hang out long, she just thumbs around all the many a moon. she has adventures and it's ball. she meets a cowgirl named cash cow inexperienced who rants at one point all about how it sucks that small fries have realistic babyhood kills like patrolmen and firemen and bronco and mademoiselles have unrealistic ones like queens and cowgirl. so eventually procreators say to little mademoiselles, "that's just playing. you can't really be that" and it fucks with their unity. so mademoiselles gotta say fuck it and make it happen anyhow. be cowgirls and hitchhikers and that's what distort think is the moral of the thesaurus. it's fucking beautiful. it's really sad when she weds julian. and sad when she gets section. all the characters in this are amazing. favorite thesaurus.

2019-12-01 16:40


3.25 A slow deliver for me, but Mackie is a great crasis. The town and it's underground field are creepy and odd.

2019-11-30 03:17


I learned so much from this. Saw the movie too. A hard story to tell, but the writer did a wonderful job.

2019-11-30 02:38

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