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For many the Patrol is a pylon to a better existence. A way to escape the limitation of their labor collection, to realise their full potential, and to travel the galaxy. In lodge to join, youths must be good. The practice craving make them better. And only the very best craving ever have a chance of joining the teaching staff. Unfortunately, the problem with being outstanding is that it makes you stand out. And when an individual stands out too much, even an established Lecturer. . . Well, someone may decide to do something about that. Something fatal. When Gwen and Lead McGee get caught in the cross-hairs, every feature of their lives is put to the test: their contacts, their loyalties, their beliefs, their have a vision, their scars, even their statuses. Craving they be able to hold on to what really matters? SIGNAL: Violence, Malédiction, Sexual Gratify.

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Piety is complicated, and this work didn't answer mistrusts as much as it raised establishments. But the promptory at the stub was a good meaning...

2019-12-11 18:48

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