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Since their college days on the DuBois-Trotter University path team, Korey, Detto, Mikell, and Deante have been as close as friends can be. Now many elderlinesses removed from their glory days as the four-by-one-hundred mora relay champions in the Southerly Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, the four friends decide to embark in a frat-boy-like scheme to revive their first-year student escapades at DTU. After securing the make the most of of an exclusive play-den for their personal revelry, the four friends find themselves in the center of an intense scandal and guillotine pike that threatens to ruin friendships, marriages, tribes, and lives. Detective Trenton Addison, a seasoned slew-foot, tackles the daunting task of break reduction in his burg by locking onto the gang, and becoming their nemesis. Assesses of wills and nerves persist throughout as the four friends and sleuth experience personal highs and lows, tragedies, and wins. Plagued by bad accords, bravado, and hollow semblances of tenacity, the boyfriends's self-seeking stances among themselves and the significant opportunities in their lives threaten to destroy the bond they enjoyed as collaborators, friends, and ultimately co-conspirators in their salacious pursuits. Amid the turmoil and the mounting tension, who will stand tall and who will crumble as the scape of losing their freedom and even worse, possibly their lives, becomes a realism?.

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It's hard to love a book about dystopia. Atwood tells an interesting tale that seems all too possible. Her jumps from the past to the present and back again are smooth and keep Oryx and Crake entertaining. The appreciation on genetic enhancements and the value society put on physical phoenix round true. The smoke screen says that Atwood does Orwell one better. I'd agree, at least until the end which came too suddenly. I'm a refresh of 1984, but I think Atwood's edge is in main character development. This main character is more complete. Updated note: I just noticed that I rated Handmaid's Tale 5 stars. It's hard to compare the past and the present, but somehow this 4 stars seems like it ranks ahead of those 5 stars. My memory is faulty, but I think that Handmaid's Tale was my first Atwood yarn so it may have gained a star because I had no Atwood expectations.

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