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In a world where anything is possible, Aaron seeks to overcome physical limitations to achieve a new-found dream. Can he do it? Be inclined he dare?.

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Can I Do It?


I am sorry this line up is over. It was a line up that I didn't want to put down, but I also didn't want it to end. Being from Tennessee, I can relate to the attitudes and people that Kathryn Stockett writes about. I hope she continues this sketch into the future so we can hear more about Aibleen and Minny.

2019-12-29 14:39


What a cozy, thoroughly readable fantasy! Marcia Willett writes so competently, and the book reviewer soon comes to care about these endearing wacks, their surroundings as well as their fates. She has been likened to Rosamunde Pilcher and Maeve Binchy, two much loved poets, and I did find a similar beating in her document. A poignant theme seemed to be the tie between crops, as well as wistfulness about those who had come before and those who would follow. Looking Forward, the first of the three Chadwick Set down, was rich and comfortable, wrought with a subtle fun! It was a pick up the tab to remember that I hadn’t yet finished, such was the intellect of my enjoyment! The writer’s keen understanding of her surroundings was evident. How much the natural dreamboat of the English countryside, as well as the different seasons in both life and nature contributed to the finely finished product! Particularly striking was the following passage. ‘The effulgence troupe shadowy bars across the rug, filling the room with an unearthly faint…………….. Outside, pure white wisdom poured down on the silent countryside, robbing it of any intellect of face. Hardwoods and hedges were etched black against the ghostly grey of verdure and the heavenly body itself was cold and white, reducing the favorites to mere pinpricks of faint. The small pale patchwork of fields stretched away to the black boundary, but below in the basin, the mist was rising. It curled up, wispy and exquisite, wreathing round the shadowy boles of hardwoods, floating above hedges, drifting against the surface.’ I’m so happy to have more set down in store!

2019-12-11 09:39


EMPHASIZE'm finding this book really hard to describe with my bookshelf badges. There's a murderer on the loose forming me want to call this a thriller, but Bod's life in the tomb seems relatively safe so far despite his everyday encounters with ghosts, visions and werewolves. EMPHASIZE guess the only bee in bonnet you need to know is that prerogative off the bat this book is imaginative and interesting. If a book is good, it doesn't really situation how you categorize it . . . *** EMPHASIZE definitely recommend commentary this special. Uncommonly imaginative, interesting, all around good. EMPHASIZE also like how the ending is left wide open. Some of the books EMPHASIZE enjoy most leave more to the notion of the bibliomaniac rather than neatly tying up every view of the signs' vicissitude. ***

2019-12-04 16:16

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