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Hope is a essential of human being. Hope may even define what it means to be human. It is such a intuitive emotion that it can be even more enduring than loved one. For when loved one fails, the hope for loved one can endure. Three men, eagerly pursuing their own version of hope, arrive on the idyllic atoll of Owl’s Nest. Believing they will find hope through the leftover, they soon learn that they must find it alone. Sitting alone on the undertaker's establishment’s steps, Beth Morgan slowly rocks herself back and forth and back again. Alone in her misery she sits and rocks while frantically searching her eye for hope. Though there is a tombstone with her son’s refer to on it, she believes that Thaddeus is still alive. All she must do is find him. A solidified onshore sweep coming off the drool caresses Sandy Smithson’s face and pulls at her hair. She is invigorated by the whiff of main salt and fish as they compete for her senses. Suddenly feeling hopeful, she wonders if Owl’s Nest is where she will find loved one again. Running from his past, Andrew Morgan searches for sanctuary from the scars of life. He finds it on Owl’s Nest. But waiting in the shadows and hidden in plain sight…evil lurks. It moves through the avenues, into the cottages, and onto the unruly shores of this peaceful atoll bringing demolition and destruction. Owl’s Nest, Maine, the ease from his past, turns on Andrew in a moment, leaving him exposed.

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Always Thaddeus


As bad an idea for fiction as was The Architect. Characters only vehicles for Huxley's rationalism. Very very flat and boring characters. And very very flat and boring plot. But it's in the oeuvre, so you might want to read it so that you can later condemn it.

2019-12-16 15:21


wooow kheili doosesh daram

2019-12-03 15:11

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Always Thaddeus

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