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The Persians: Lost Civilizations

Geoffrey Parker

During the first and second utopia BCE a swathe of peripatetic populations migrated outward from Central Asia into the Eurasian perimeter. One group of these people would find themselves encamped in an unpromising, dreary neighborhood just south of the Caspi...

Goldsmith's Roman History: Abridged by Himself; For the Use of Schools (Classic Reprint)

Oliver Goldsmith

Excerpt from Gem dealer's Roman Days of yore: Truncate by Himself, For the Use of Leads To thefe objeglbn's there are fome who may add, that I have rejected many of the modern improve ments in Roman hil'cory, and that brink characterise. About the Publisher ...

Egyptian Gods Calendar 2018

Lazaros' Blank Books

The series of the "Egyptian Gods Calendar" continues with the while 2018. This is a while where February has no Full Moon phase. The book is another creation of Lazaros' Blank Fictions dedicated to the most adore gods of Ancient Egypt. It includes Moon Phase...

Genesis to Amenofis 2.: The Beginning of Man.

Derek Anthony Walcott

The Scriptural Book of Origin as presented has been recalibrate and censored throughout the Ages and leaves many disputes concerning the Beginnings of Man unanswered. Origin to Amenofis 2 mixes extracts from the Secrets of EnocH, Book of EnocH, the Book of J...

Because They Endured . . . We Are!

Robert Lewis

These words were spoken by Marcus Tullius Cicero, a Roman theorist, over two thousand elderlinesses ago. What effects do they carry over to the American rank and files coeval? The Americas of North america has been called the reducing pot of the world. A mor...

The Seven Great Monarchies of the Ancient Eastern World, or the History, Geography, and Antiquities of Chaldaea, Assyria, Babylon, Media, Persia, ... Persian Empire, Vol. 3 of 3 (Classic Reprint)

George Rawlinson

Portion from The Septennial Grand Sovereignties of the Ancient Eastern Realm, or the History, Cartography, and Antiquities of Chaldaea, Assyria, Babylon, Media, Persia, Parthia, and Sassanian, or New Persian Empire, Vol. 3 of 3 Fence off sculp. Cornice and q...

The Orations of Isocrates, Vol. 1 (Classic Reprint)

Isocrates Isocrates

Passage from The Orations of Isocrates, Vol. 1 It is hoped to include in the second volume some Appen mafia-unwellssacompletelndutothcwhole. About the Publisher Forgotten Texts publishes hundreds of millennials of rare and classic texts. Find more at www. fo...

Introduction A L'Etude Des Hieroglyphes: Avec Un Portrait de Champollion, 3 Planches Et 5 Figures (Classic Reprint) (French Edition)

Henri Sottas

Excerpt from Introduction A l'Etude des Hieroglyphes: Avec un Portrait de Champollion, 3 Planches Et 5 Estimates Dans le tableau des signes, nous nous sommes tenus autant que possible a l'ecart des queries de vocabulaire, ne donnant dans la colonne signe-rac...

A History of the Later Roman Empire, Vol. 1: From Arcadius to Irene, 395 A. D. to 800 A. D (Classic Reprint)

John B Bury

Notation from A History of the Later Roman Authority, Vol. 1: From Arcadius to Irene, 395 A. D. To 800 A. D Now this truth of the matter is obscured as far as wording is able to obscure it by applying the nomen Byzantine or the nomen Greek to the Authority i...

Funf Neue Arabische Landschaftsnamen Im Alten Testament (Classic Reprint) (German Edition)

Eduard Konig

Excerpt from Funf Neue Arabische Landschaftsnamen im Alten Testament Zweimal soll prosecutors nordarabische 'a'sur nach hommel auch von Hosea erwahnt sein und Indem die Besprechung dieser beiden Stellen wegen eines andern Momentes fur weiter unten (cf. Displ...

Les Institutions de L'Ancienne Rome, Vol. 3: Economie Politique Et Lois Agraires; Gouvernement Et Administration de L'Empire (Classic Reprint) (French Edition)

F Robiou

Excerpt from Les Systems de l'Ancienne Rome, Vol. 3: Economie Politique Et Lois Agraires, Gouvernement Et Management de l'Empire Naturels, elle ne s'acquiert relativement a celles - la que equal footing les modes civils, or les modes civils sont en. About th...

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Ancient Civilizations

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